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Amur or Siberian tiger
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Himalayan Black Bear
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Russin banya

Rusian Banya (Sauna)

Banya is a Russian type of sauna, it is one of the oldest Russian traditions that is popular to this day. We welcome our guests to try a hot massage using oak or birch whisks. After the steam room it is a custom to swim in the lake during summer or to

jump into the snow pile in winter to cool down. Drinking hot herbal tea and enjoying a conversation after banya has always been a wonderful tradition for Russian people, as banya itself is not only a place for relaxation but one of the most pleasant ways to spend time with friends. The expression “Time flies” suits the atmosphere created by Russian banya.

Fried fish

Traditional Russian Food

Enjoy Russian national dishes, local foods including  game bird, fish caught in the reserve itself, and locally grown vegetables.

Winter, ski trck

Winter in the Russian Far East

During winter guests can enjoy cross-country skiing and walking tours around the country lodge. The tours don’t require any special physical preparation. These walks give an opportunity to get in touch with different Ussurian animals tracks and follow tiger trails.  During the tours guests are offered tea boiled on a bonfire with some home made jam out of local berries. After the trip visitors are welcome to enjoy the Russian banya with hot massage using birch or oak whisks.