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Hello my name is Sergey Chebotov, I am owner of country lodge Kiya and the company "Russia Adventure Holidays".


I became keen on mountain climbing and ski tourism in the early 1970s. Although back then we did not have the opportunity to travel abroad, there were numerous mountains to climb and many unexplored places for the most difficult ski trips in the USSR. On trips to Yakutia or to the north of the Khabarovsk Territory, we would not meet a single person for a month. Late 1980s brought the opportunity to set up my own business. In 1989, I started one of the first adventure tourism companies under the umbrella of the Sputnik youth travel agency.

In the following year for the first time I hosted a group from the US. It was the crew of Fishing the West TV show. Meeting Americans was as unusual to me as the first visit to the Soviet Union to them, so apart from fishing and filming we had so much to discuss and learn about our countries and people. It helped me to challenge many stereotypes. I plan to talk about it in more detail in my blog. The Americans had filmed enough footage for three films about fishing, two of which were shot with our help.

In 1991, we arranged a kayak trip along the northern coast of Baikal for a group of Americans, who were one of the first foreign tourists to see the lake.

Discover the Russian Far East

The country lodge Kiya is a cozy two level house; that is situated in a calm and tranquil setting. There is Russian banya (sauna) near the bank of the lake.

Strolling in the vicinity of the lodge, you can become enchanted with the unique Ussuri taiga.

The Ussuri forest’s vegetation contains a dramatic contrast of both northern and southern flora. Cedar, fir, spruce and ash trees grow here in abundance. In season, you will also find grapes and unique Far Eastern berries. In the underwood you may find medicinal herbs, and in the neg­lected corners of the woods there is ginseng! There is an amazing assortment of delicious mushrooms too.

In the Ussuri forest (taiga) there is a unique variety of wildlife. Leopard, sable, bear, glutton, elk, musk deer, wild boar and roe deer are just some of the creatures encountered in this enchanted forest. Reigning over the Ussuri woodland is the great Siberian Tiger! You may be able to see this beautiful and rare creature.

No matter who you are and what you will do, everyone loves the great Far Eastern evenings where you will enjoy the delicious aroma and flavour of “shashlik” (shish-kebab) and authentic Russian banya (sauna).

«It is necessary to travel.

It is not necessary to live».

William S. Burroughs

Tiger tracking tours

During these unique tours you can get acquainted with the habitats of the Amur (Siberian) tigers, see their tracks and take their photos using photo traps.
During the tour, you will be accompanied by Alexander Batalov, one of the few experts who thoroughly knows the habits of tigers. Alexander is also a famous photographer, the author of many photo albums about the animal world of the Far East. And by the way he is a great storyteller, so you surely will learn a lot of new and interesting facts about the tigers.

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Amur tiger tracking

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