The country lodge Kiya

The country lodge  “Kiya” is located at the edge of the village “Kiya”, 120 km away from the city of Khabarovsk. This place is perfect for learning more about Ussurian taiga especially if you don’t have enough time to travel further and you appreciate comfortable accommodation. The journey to the lodge from the city is only 1.5 hours along the sealed road. Upon reaching your destination you can enjoy the real wilderness with typical Far Eastern nature.

The lodge is situated nearby “Barhatnaya” hill, the place of roe deer habitation and frequent appearance of Manchurian deer. During autumn you can see wild boars wallows and tiger routes.  The territory of the lodge is a place of habitation for squirrels, chipmunks, hares, hedgehogs, several species of snakes and plenty of birds. The forest lake is home for musquashes, ducks, herons weave their nests here. Far Eastern flora is well represented here, you can see Korean pine, Amur cork tree, Manchurian nut, Amur wild grapes and many other varieties.

One of the most beautiful rivers of Khabarovsk krai – the Khor river is also close to the village.

Kiya lodge in winter

Living arrangements:

  • Two-storey house

  • The first floor contains the kitchen, the living room with log fireplace, the bedroom for guides and interpreters, WC facility

  • The second floor contains 4 bedrooms for guests (up to 8 guests), shower and WC facility

  • In summer guests can play pool in the terrace

  • Traditional Russian sauna (banya) is located next to the main building of the country lodge. According to an old Russian tradition, guests are offered to try hot massage using oak or birch whisks. After the steam room it is a custom to swim in the lake during summer or to jump into the snow pile in winter to cool down.

  • Drinking hot herbal tea and enjoying a conversation after banya has always been a wonderful tradition for Russian people, as banya itself is not only a place for relaxation but one of the most pleasant ways to spend time with friends. The expression “Time flies” suits the atmosphere created by Russian banya.

  • There is also a separate summerhouse with a barbecue.

  • Sitting near the lake and enjoying the meat cooked on a campfire will provide the guests with new impressions and desire to come back here once again!


Logde in winter
Summerhouse with a barbecue
Banya in summer
Living room
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Summer terrace
Picnic by the lake
Second floor
 Habitat of the Tiger
Fishing Tours

Even one day stay at the country lodge will be enough to learn a lot about unique nature of Russian Far East, Ussurian Taiga as well as traditions and lifestyle of Russian villages.

Guests will surely enjoy forest trails, tasty herbal tea cooked on bonfire at the bank of magnificent Khor river, meat and fish cooked in a famous Far-Eastern “Sharaban” and other wonderful dishes of Russian cuisine.

You won’t regret trying hot massage with birch and oak whisks in a traditional Russian banya (sauna). Afterwards cozy atmosphere in front of the fireplace will make you remember this wonderful time while enjoying a nice conversation with your knowledgeable host.