Fishing Tours

Khor is a picturesque river flowing in the South of Khabarovsk Krai. It is the largest tributary of Ussuri river. This place is famous for a wide variety of animals and different types of plants.

If you stay with us in the country Lodge Kiya, you can take one-day motor boat  trip to  go fishing in the Khor river.

You can also take 2 or 3 days fishing tours at the base Udarnii.

For the group of fishermen we offer 8 days fishing at the base Udarnii.


Fishing at the base Udarnii.

The fishing base on the Udarniy Stream is about 35 km from our country lodge. However, despite the short distance, it takes about 2 hours as the last 15 km of the road require slow and careful driving.

The base is located on the steep banks of the Khor River in a very beautiful area surrounded by taiga. There are several cabins for overnight stay here. Each of them has three rooms with two beds, a large living and dining room, an equipped kitchen and a washbasin. There are outhouses and a sauna next to the cabins.

Our forest rangers take guests out for fishing on motor boats. Even the boat trips are a great pleasure as you rush along the winding river bed and see the steep hills covered with taiga trees around you. There are flocks of ducks and cormorants whirling in the sky. Sometimes you spot herons, eagles, owls, and even huge black cranes. Occasionally you can see wapiti, roe deer and bears coming out for a drink of water.

However, not boat trips but fishing remains the main goal of a fisherman. The rangers know these places well and make stops where the chances of catching fish are the best. During the day, the fishermen have time to try their luck in several places. The fish species found in the Khor are grayling, lenok, pike and, occasionally, taimen.

For lunch the guests are served ucha (fish soup) cooked at the campfire and herbal tea with local berries and nice smoky smell. After a few hours on the water it is great to finish the day in a warm Russian banya (sauna), enjoy the hot oak twigs massage and spend the evening talking with friends and the hosts.

Fishing season: May 15 – November 10      
Fish species:   Lenok, Amur grayling, Northern Pike, possibly SIBERIAN TAIMEN   

BEST FISHING SEASON – Early October  – Early November.

Approximate Itinerary:
Day 1              Arrival to the airport of Khabarovsk, transfer to the country lodge Kiya (1.5 h)
Day 2             Early breakfast. Transfer to the base Udarnii (2 h) Fishing on Khor river
Day 3 – 6   Fishing on Khor river. Accommodation at the base. Full board. Russian banya (sauna).
Day 7         Breakfast. Fishing. Lunch. Visiting Wild animals rehabilitation center. Transfer to country lodge Kiya. Overnight stay.
Day 8               Breakfast. Transfer to the airport of Khabarovsk.

Itinerary can be changed according to the clients’ wish – with more or less days of fishing, with one or no overnights in Khabarovsk (depending on the time of arrival and departure).

Approximate itinerary for guests of Country loodge Kiya:

Day 1             Early breakfast and departure from Kiya for morning fishing.

Arrival at the Udarniy fishing base approximately at 10 am, accommodation and departure for fishing.

Fishing on the Khor River between 10 am and 8 pm. Motor boats transportation with the rangers. Lunch on the river bank. If desired, new departure for fishing after a short rest at the base camp.

Day 2            Early breakfast, departure for morning fishing.

Return to the base camp, lunch, leaving for Kiya.

Optionally, the number of days spent at the Udarniy fishing base can be increased.

Fishing on the Khor river
Fishing base Udarnii
Living room of the fishing cabin.
 Local fish lenok/
Khor river
Khor river
Base Udarnii
Khor river
Base Udarnii
Khor river
Successful fishing
Khor river
Base Udarnii
Khor river
Camp fire
Base Udarnii