Winter at the country lodge Kiya

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Durminskoye Forest Reserve

All photos were taken by Alexander Batalov

Akishma river

Akishma is the most difficult river for rafting in the Khabarovsk territory.

In 1992 together with a group of  American tourists, we rafted along the Akishma river. It was the first group of foreign tourists who rafted in the Russian Far East. Unfortunately at that time we did't have digital cameras, so photos are not very good quality.

Ready for rafting
I am ready for journey!
Start of journey
We started our journey from the bank of Amur river, where we boarded the helicopter.
Waiting the weather at  the Chegdomin airport
Airport in the village Chegdomin. We were waiting for good weather to continue our flight to the river.
Our helicopter
Frame of catamaran
Pumping the tube of catamaran
Russian way of pumping the tube.
Pumping the tube of catamaran2
Preparing for the rafting
Ready to start
Rafting begins
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