Tiger Lytyi

Siberian Tiger Habitat

Would like to meet with the Siberian tiger in its natural habitat? See tiger tracks but you don’t have enough time for the full tiger tracking experince? Kiya country lodge is a perfect alternative! Here you can learn more about Ussurian taiga and enjoy comfortable accommodation.

This is prime Ussuri taiga habitat adjacent to foothills of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range.

Recommended tour schedule:

Day One

Arrival to Khabarovsk in the morning, transfer to the reserve, dinner, accommodation in the lodge

1 pm - Lunch

2 pm - Introduction talk about the Siberian tiger’s habits and life with a slideshow and a movie, learning more about the ecological program of its protection, safety briefing instructions for the tour duration.

6 pm – Traditional Russian banya (sauna). You won’t regret trying hot massage with birch and oak sauna whisks.

8pm - Dinner

For dinner you will enjoy traditional Russian dishes (meat and fish cooked in a famous Far-Eastern “Sharaban”, vegetables, and fruits).

Afterwards cozy atmosphere in front of the fireplace will make you remember this wonderful time while enjoying a nice conversation with your knowledgeable host.


Day Two

8 am – Breakfast

9 am – Barhatnaya hill excursion, learning about the flora of Ussurian taiga - the Siberian tiger’s home, watching its and other animals’ tracks living nearby. instructions on use of photo-traps and their installation methods. During the walk guests can enjoy hot tea by the bonfire.

2 pm – Lunch

After lunch - Free time

The following optional tours are available:

  • Walking/cross country skiing in  the forest

  • Visits to local residents’ houses, getting to know more about their lifestyle and daily life 

6 pm - Russian banya (sauna)

8 pm - Dinner


Day Three
8 am – Breakfast

9 am - The excursion to the Wild animal's rehabilitation center (Utes)

(In summer there is an option to go for a speedboat trip along the Khor river instead of going to the Rehabilitation center).

2 pm – Lunch

3 pm – Walking in the forest, following tiger trail by foot or on cross country skies (not for long distances, no special physical shape is necessary).

Upon request fishing for grayling and lenok (Siberian salmon) can be arranged

6 pm – Dinner (guests can request a night picnic in the woods) or Russia banya


Day Four

8 am – Breakfast

9 am - Transfer to the airport or hotel depends on departure time