Russian Banya

Our traditional Russian banya (sauna) is located next to the main building of the lodge.


Banya is a Russian type of sauna that has a hot steam room. It is one of the oldest Russian traditions that is popular to this day. It has reach history and should not be missed by any fans of authentic travel. 


Classic banya is build out of wood and is heated with firewood. Traditionally it has three rooms: steam room (parnaya), wash room (moyka) and a relaxation room (predbannik). 


Relaxation room (predbannik) has a table and a few benches. Here people take a break from the hot temperatures in the steam room, relax and socialise. For Russian people banya is much more than just a bath house and place for relaxation, it has a significant social component to it. Here friends get together and the atmosphere of banya encourages a pleasant environment for conversations over a hot herbal tea.

In the steam room (parnaya) a large amount of hot steam is created with the help of water and hot air. It’s the high levels of humidity that make the Russian banya different to a sauna – the fine, moist, transparent and easy to breath air makes staying in a heated steam room surprisingly enjoyable. Temperature usually ranges from 90-110C (194-230F) degrees. Steam room has benches which you cam sit or lie on. The higher up the bench the hotter the air is. According to an old Russian tradition, guests are offered to try a hot massage using oak or birch whisks (veniki). The whisks (veniki) are dipped into cold water and then smacked briskly all over the body. There are numerous health benefits associated with this.


After the steam room it is a custom to swim in the lake during summer or to jump into the snow pile in winter to cool down. As scary as this sounds, you will be surprised how rejuvenated you will feel after this.

The expression “Time flies” suits the atmosphere created by Russian banya.

It is custom to say "S legkim parom" after the return from banya, which is translated as "with light steam".

Voodburning stove
Swimming in lake