Russian Cuisine

During your stay in country lodge Kiya and Durmonskoe Reserve our guests can enjoy traditional Russian cuisine.

We use locally sourced ecologically clean ingredients, as well as wild edibles such as mushrooms, berries and edible far eastern fern. We also serve locally caught fish when available.


Variety of different soups has always played in important role in Russian cuisine. Traditional menu always includes a soup, it can be famous Russian borscht (борщ), or shschi (щи), or rassolnik (рассольник). It would also include a variety of meat & fish dishes, pelmeni (Russian dumplings), and seasonal vegetables. Pickled and salted vegetables such as cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers are also very common.


One of the most popular dishes is meat or fish cooked in the famous Far-Eastern “Sharaban”. It is a metal box that is placed over an open fire for cooking. Meat is marinated prior to cooking, and fish is stuffed with spices.


Pork, beef, lamb, poultry and game meat are all used in Russian cuisine.


For dessert we offer russian blintz (блины) or pancakes (оладьи) with locally sourced honey and home made jams.


You can also enjoy a variety of traditional beverages such as kvas (квас), fruit and berry based drinks, and of course tea prepared in a samovar (самовар)!