Durminskoe reserve

On January 25th I visited Durminsky reserve with an Australian couple. The beginning of January this year was very warm, but by the end of the month frost intensified and at night the temperature drops 30 degrees below zero. So our guests got to experience the real Russian winter. After driving 78 kilometers along the asphalt road, we turned on to the snow-covered country road.

Пере тем как выехать на заснеженную дорогу, снижаем давление в шинах.

Before we could continuing we had to reduce the pressure in the tires. After another 27 kilometers we arrived at the Durmin village, this road ended here.

The rest of 39 kilometers we went along the winter road, this part of the journey took us 1.5 hours. In the reserve we were met by Alexander Batalov owner of the reserve.

Accommodation was arranged in the cabins. Each cabin is for 2 people and named after some of the animals living in the Ussuri taiga.

An Australians couple choice to stay in the Bear cabin.