Where we are

All our tours in the Far East begin from the capital of our region Khabarovsk.

Khabarovsk is one of the largest cities of the Russian Far East. It is located on the right elevated bank of Amur-river not far from the border between Russia and China (17 km away from the city). The city is named after the famous pathfinder and discoverer of XVII century Yerofey Khabarov. Khabarovsk appeared on the map in the middle of XIX century and for the last 150 years it has transformed into a significant political, industrial, educational and cultural center with a population over 600,000 people.

The city is situated in the very middle of the Russian Far East. There are international and national airports as well as riverside, bus and railway stations. Khabarovsk has a developed infrastructure and is easy to get to. In addition, you can travel all around The Far East and Khabarovskiy Krai from here.

Any season you are welcome to enjoy broad boulevards, parks, beautiful clean squares, fountains and magnificent cathedrals. Modern high rises perfectly matched with buildings made of red and grey bricks (dated XIX century). Masterpieces of wood architecter with carved window surrounds have withstood the test of time! In summer, the city is full of green trees and blossoming flowers. From the famous viewing point of Khabarovsk Amur Cliff («Utyos») you will be pleased to see vast expanses of Amur-river and Khabarovsk Bridge known for being eternalised in a Russian banknote of 5,000 rubles.

You will surely enjoy a speedboat trip to look at the city from the riverside. Also, an excursion to Petroglyphs (Sikachi-Alyan village) will become a walk to remember.

Khabarovsk streets get filled with pleasant sounds of orchestra music in May as “Amur waves” festival takes place here attracting wind-bands from different countries. However, spring is not the only season for holiday programs in the city. In winter it is decorated with ice and snow sculptures as a part of “Amur crystal” and “Ice fantasy” festivals, which collect spectators from Russia and abroad.


Several times Khabarovsk has been fairly acknowledged as the most comfortable Russian city to live in (among administrative capitals).

All our tours start from here. We can arrange to meet our guests in the airport, help with accommodation, show the city and organise transfers to the country lodge Kiya and Durminskiy reserve.

Kiya coumtry lodge is located 120 km away from the city of Khabarovsk. The journey to the lodge from the city takes only 1.5 hours along the sealed road.

Durminskoe reserve is located about two - four hours drive from Khabarovsk depending on the season.​ In summer through fall, transfer to the base can be arranged via a longer road (200 km) with part of the road is in gravel. In winter, the shorter road along the river Durmin is used for transportation to the base (140 km).

Xexzir hills
Winter in the city
Sand sculpture
Sails over the Amur rivet
Lenin square
Komsomolsk square
Ice sculpture
Bank of Amur river
Flowers on the street